Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have to say we did well today by forming a double bottom. I went 100% long into the close given the strength of the rally (which didn’t breakdown in the last half-hour). Looking at a 10-day chart (below) what’s so bullish about this is that the right bottom formed slightly higher than the left bottom and we only needed the nearest support level above Friday’s lows. Another great signal for the right bottom is that today’s particular intra-day bottom formed an Adam-and-Eve bottom. Adam’s are spikes down and Eve’s are rounded cups. Together, the Eve bottom formed the higher low that I needed to confirm entering long positions.

We did very well today forming 7 new highs and 865 new lows (that’s an accomplishment this week). We also had stronger volume than yesterday, but still weak comparing Friday’s bottom. That should be your worry going forward – volume.

I found only one clean breakout and it was AirTran Holdings (AAI). All of the airlines jumped double-digits today as oil fell below $70 today. What’s great about technical analysis is that all you need to do is look at the chart and notice the breakdown at the 40-day MA then the 50-day MA and you’ve steered clear. If not, you probably listened to all these pure-fundamental guys preaching on the way down that “it’s just gotta go back up”! The chart tells you exactly how it is and what all market participants are thinking and that’s represented by price action and volume. IF we do go back up, the chart will tell you if it will hold. AAI has one more resistance area at around $3.50 before it’s able to spike to $4.25.

Instead of featuring mostly breakdowns like I have for several days now (like I had a choice), I opted to profile several stocks that exhibited a possible “double-bottom” pattern. This is not to say they’ll all go up, but given the volume and price representation, there’s a good chance that many of these stocks will spike higher (most are in the industrials/materials sector). It could last for only a day or several weeks, who knows, but for the very short-term, I think they’ll be ok. Please use the 20-day MA as initial (major) resistance after (if) they breakout of consolidation resistance. Most importantly, remember to do your own due diligence.

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NL said...

Nice work John.

Same action that I saw. Good insights.

Tradermarketinfo said...

What a Genious LOL if you guys looked at yahoo finance head line today it saids stocks rally as energy, materials names advance. Good Call AGAIN~


John C. Lee said...

i give my psychic a big tip

LOL! jk