Friday, October 17, 2008


So if you're a long-term investor, you've made nothing. So, what's the point? If you want to wait 5 years to make a profit, that's your choice, but you have to trade in a trader's market or get killed:

DJIA - 10-Year

NASDAQ - 10-Year

S&P 500 - 10-Year

Russell 2000 - 10-Year

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Steve W (S&P 500 Analyst) said...

There can be little doubt that buy and hold is dead, except for the richest of value investors.

The stock market is not the same animal today as it has been the past 80 years. Options, shorts, futures, "derivatives", and other trading instruments have change the dynamics of price movement.

I intentionally left out the most signficant reason the market has changed. The internet. Billions and Billions of shares and contracts are traded daily from the comfort of a desk chair,and I belive we are still 25 years away from understanding all of the ramifications this is having on investing.

Technical trading is clearly the best way for anyone to have made profits in stocks for the past decade. Just takea look through some of my stock picks over the past 6 months. Each and every one of these trades was made by using a stock screen and analyzing a chart. Not 1 bit of fundamental anlaysis was ever performed.

Nice article topic John!


plastik129 said...

Hi John. See the symmetrical triangle on spy? It's forming picture
perfect. Its usually a continuation pattern so I think we see a huge
drop next week. What do u think? The 3rd point at 975-980 for spy was
a perfect time to short everything and anything.

John C. Lee said...

o i just posted on symmetrical triangles. I guess that answers your question. thanks