Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hi! This week's issue will be posted in the wee hours of Monday like they have been (around 6-8AM). It's been a quiet weekend so far, so expect it to be a very short issue. In the meantime, try out the Free Trend Analysis and tell me what you think.

4 comments: said...

hey John, I didn't know you had a blog?
I wish I knew.
well this is hot !!

John C. Lee said...

what the hell?! You serious Z? wow...well, now you know! Visit often, I welcome your comments.

-JL said...

MON, I was looking at your chart, and I've decided that MON support is the weekly 200 day at $61. MON, in three years has traded around 15X forward earnings or better and at $4 earnings for 2009, that coincides with $60.
Well, time will tell.

John C. Lee said...

in an emotionally charged, fear-driven market, fundamentals gets thrown out the window and do not work well during periods of extreme irrationality.