Monday, October 13, 2008


Hi, hope you all had a great weekend. The commentary is being written up right now, so be patient. It will be posted/distributed before pre-market. This will be an exciting week, starting today.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John,

weekend was great and I think we will have great week. It seems markets will react positively on good news about G7 summit and there could be some short term rally this week...


John C. Lee said...

This massive assault on all fronts in a coordinated attack is the prefect step in the right direction. I don’t think people could really have asked for more given the short amount of time that the world had to make this decision.

I'm amazed that the world was able to coordinate so well. I might sounds stupid for saying this, but whatever: If we had an alien invasion, the world would know how to coordinate. That's how well this response is planned (all in one weekend!)