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Private Coaching Program

The program is designed to help traders become better traders. This is about becoming profitable every month and me helping you get to that point. I know that reading books and looking at charts by yourselves may give you the knowledge to formulate a game plan, but they do not directly give you the confidence or guidance as to when and how to trade appropriately, especially if you don’t have a plan yet. That’s where I come in and that’s what this program is all about. Here are the details:

What You Should Expect and What You Will Get From Me

• Receive live & real-time, unlimited intra-day support from me from 9:00AM-5:00PM via instant messenger.

• Receive limited support from me from 5:00PM-9:00AM (non-market hours) via instant messenger.

• I answer all questions regarding the market and individual stocks and ETFs live. You will also learn my strategies for day, swing, momentum, and position trading as we go along.

• I will analyze your requests in real-time and give you my opinions before you think about placing a trade. It takes me about 10 seconds to analyze a stock and determine its reliability. Speed and execution are critical elements in trading.

• Every morning, I will share with you my watch list for that specific day. Includes reliability factor and reasoning for placing the trades. Timing is especially important for certain strategies.

• I will tell you what I trade before I place my orders. You can choose to trade with me or not.

• I will tell you why I placed the trade and introduce my personal 30 Point Ranking System to help you determine levels of trade reliability. Trading is a game of probabilities and you can’t win if the odds are not slightly in your favor.

Who Benefits?

Benefits Most: Individuals with an account size of $25,000 or more who want to trade with me. That amount is the minimum required for day trading with me.

Benefits Less: Individuals with an account size of less than $25,000 and do not/cannot day trade. We will still be able to swing/momentum/position trade but you won’t really need the intra-day support unless you have a lot of questions or need a lot of help. The cost of the program makes it harder to make it economically viable for you. If unsure, just try it out for only one month and see if it’s right for you.

Benefits All:
• Individuals who are serious about learning how to trade and shorten the learning curve. You will learn more from me in a month than you probably will in an entire year. My brain is your reservoir of trading knowledge.

• Individuals who cannot consistently make a profit. Sick of losing money? You have the power to control that if you so choose.

• Individuals who are sick and tired of not being able to control the direction of their brokerage account. There are 2 months remaining in the year and it is still not too late to beat the market.

When Does it Start? November 2. Monthly membership (Calendar Months)

Program Capacity: Maximum of 5 members. Sorry, no more!

Sign-up BONUS: The very first group of 5 members will receive the following as a way of me saying “Thanks for Being First!”:

• You’ll get the “legally-distributable” sections of my Master PDF Trading Library. I have 504 files and haven’t had time to see which ones are copyrighted, but I’ll send you all of the ones that aren’t. There’s quite a few of them in there. The total electronic library has cost me well over $10,000. Therefore, the cost of the coaching program is worth it even if you only got this. I have to mail you a flash drive because it’s impossible to e-mail approximately 700MB’s worth of files. You can see the complete list here.

Cost: $899 / per month
*Discounts for subsequent months for repeat members

Payment Options: PayPal, accepts credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, AmEx, Discover), bank transfers, and debit cards for your convenience. I will have a PayPal button on my blog as soon as possible.

If this is too expensive, but you still have the money, then you’re not looking at it the right way. You’re looking at it as an expense, not an investment. If this is expensive and you don’t have the money, then chances are your account size is very small and you probably shouldn’t even been trading in the first place. If you’re undercapitalized, go make some money and build up a cash position. One of the biggest reasons trader’s go out of business = undercapitalization. Not deterring you from trading, it’s just a fact.

I had to think long and hard about where I should set the price point and after thinking about it, I realized that my service will not only take up my valuable time, but I will be providing tremendous value to the people that sign up. For $899, I dare you to try to learn everything you’re going to learn from me, buy all the resources that I have, AND go talk to a professional trader all day long, every trading day…all for an entire MONTH! You can’t!

Therefore, it is your choice to decide if you want to make this investment. After all, you’re not throwing the money away to never see it again; the goal is to make a lot more than the cost of the program. Otherwise, what’s the point, right? It’s about providing value and you’ll get it. Oh yea, coaching students will also get the stock picking newsletters (program listed below), so you don’t have to sign up for it. It’s included (a $199 value).

If you would like to sign up or have questions about this program, you can send me an e-mail at

Deadline for Sign-Ups: November 1, 11:59PM. Anyone that signs up after this will have to wait until the November 30 (for December) because I currently do not have subscription management software to keep track of everything.


Stock Picking Newsletter

For those who do not need the private coaching or are looking for something cheaper, then the stock pick newsletter will be right for you. My accuracy rate is approximately 90%. This means that out of 10 stocks, 9 typically go in the direction I anticipate, but I can’t legally guarantee returns.

I gave a “sample” by posting a partial watch list of 11 stocks (10 short, 1 long) on my blog, made public and free for all, on Wednesday, October 22. As of Friday October 24, guess what? All 11 stocks produced gains, and not a single loss. That’s a 100% accuracy rate for eleven 2-day trades, both long and short. And, that’s in a terrible directionless market, too.

This doesn’t mean my picks won’t lose, but it does mean that the vast majority are highly likely to produce large gains in only a few days. That will increase your chances of making green every month. Take a look at the post and the stocks and you see for yourselves (remember it was only a partial list). Would this be something valuable to you?

What you should Expect from the Newsletter

• It will work only if you follow my instructions. Deviate from the instructions and you’ll most likely lose. Don’t try to be hero, just follow the system.

• You’ll get alerts throughout the week if any additional high-probability trades come up.

• Both long and short trades, so you can do whatever you want. If the market highly favors only short-selling or only going long, then I will explicitly tell you.

• Expect between 20-30 high-quality trade set-ups each week. You choose what you want to kill for the week.

• Contains the trade, the reasoning behind the decision, long or short, expected entry & exit points, initial & secondary profit targets, and stops.

• No fundamental analysis. It’s all pure technicals. If you’ve followed my blog up to this point, you’ll see how well they work in a fundamentally-busted, emotionally-charged, fear-driven market.

• No penny or illiquid stocks. The risks don’t outweigh the rewards given the methodologies of this newsletter. All stocks will have sufficient volume and trade on a non-over-the-counter exchange.

Who Benefits? Everyone! But, more specifically:

• Individuals with full-time jobs and obviously can’t stare at stocks all day long.

• Individuals with longer short-term timeframes (holding periods between 3-5 days).

• Individuals who are swing, momentum, and position traders (no day traders).

• Individuals who do not have the time or the desire to comb through 3,000 stock charts to find highly-reliable set-ups for both long and short trades.

• Individuals who only want the stock picks and don’t need live support.

When does it Start? November 2. Weekly Basis (Every Sunday), Four Newsletters (Total), Monthly Membership (Calendar Months)

Program Capacity: Unlimited!

Cost: $199 / per month.

Payment Options: PayPal, accepts credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, AmEx, Discover), bank transfers, and debit cards for your convenience. I will have a PayPal button on my blog as soon as possible.

If you think $199 per month is a lot of money for the high-quality trades that I will be giving you, then you have some problems. Once again, you’re thinking of it as an expense, and not as an investment. Did you read my October 22 post? Did you think $199 was a lot of money if you made 10%, 20%, or 30% returns in a few days? Did you forget that there are 4 weeks in a month = 4 newsletters packed with 20-30 trades every week? I hope not. This means one newsletter is $49.75 and that breaks down to $9.95 per trading day, equivalent to the commission on just one trade. In fact, it’s more expensive for you to be losing money on losing trades than to invest in a newsletter to help you make gains!

Anyways, I don’t have to explain anything further. You know if the newsletter is right for you or not. The cost compensates me for the hours upon hours I will be spending on Sunday to help you make money and this on top of the 5 hours I spend making the free commentary (I do not sleep Sunday nights at all). Think about it, all you have to do is click your mouse on Monday. So what are you waiting for?

If you think the newsletter will provide tremendous value to you, then can send me an e-mail at

Deadline for Sign-Ups: November 1, 11:59PM. Anyone that signs up after this will have to wait until the November 30 (for December) because I currently do not have subscription management software to keep track of everything.


Disclaimer: Any recommendation contained in this report may not be suitable for all investors. Furthermore, the information contained is being furnished to you for informational purposes only, and on the condition that it will not form a primary basis for any investment decision. Investors must make their own determination of the appropriateness of an investment in any securities referred to herein based on the legal, tax, and accounting considerations applicable to such investors and their own investment strategy. Neither Lee Capital Management nor its owner shall be responsible for any investment decision. Members may be required to complete Disclosure, Non-Compete, and Confidentiality Agreements to engage in any services mentioned above.

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Anonymous said...

hi john.
I closed my position on RDN and MXIM on Friday morning and made about 12% return in two days. This will pay for half year of your newsletter!

Thank you!