Friday, October 31, 2008


FYI - If you're going to sign up but if we never communicated before, please e-mail me before you sign up so I know who you are. Thanks.

FYI - I have all my sign-ups for the coaching. I'm not taking anymore people.

For those that signed up for 1) the private daily one-on-one coaching or 2) the premium newsletter full of my personal picks, I have separate PayPal buttons up for each to the left of the blog. If you do not have a PayPal account, the button will tell you how to sign up.

Remember, if you signed for the coaching, the newsletter is included. If you wish to sign up for the newsletter, it's still available.

All funds will be placed on hold and I will be e-mailing you a survey, some important documents (instructions) on Saturday so I can determine if you'll actually benefit the most out of the program that you signed up for.

9 comments: said...

Hey John, I did some 2 month fib lines on SPY 100 and 105 are the next ones up.
I went short IWM ahead of the elections. Probably a mistake.

Anonymous said...

nigga u aint got nobody signed up. you keep flip floppin what you think on the market. no real set up trades you callin. only after the fact.

seriously said...

you just said on the 29th that we're not done going down. we have been going up for 2 days and now you just drawing lines that already happened. nothing new here man

Tradermarketinfo said...

Nigga(Very educated) ??? First of all, for your information he is Asian! Second of all, I'm assuming you can not pay for the coaching or the news letter. Don't be jealous I can help you pay for it, if that's the case.

Hah...OH WOW we went up for TWO days!!! REALLY?? that's it?? Hmm.. So did you track back on Oct 13? When he said this 900 point rally is not sustainable and the market will drop once again?? I guess you miss that(Big short oppotunity)! John has been making good calls in the pass two months and you don't cover those. But somehow you are here mounthing off your childish bullshit just right before the launch of his program.

Tradermarketinfo said...

("We were so oversold that we had the best day in 75 years. In order for me to be convinced, I need to see two things: 1) stronger volume and 2) the rally must cancel out all loss since late-September.

Volume was extremely light and I do understand that Columbus did reach the New World and all today, but the Volume of the first day, basically sets the tone for the next up days. Expect lighter and lighter volume as we reach a reversal point. If this rally formed slow and stead and not in full force, it would be more sustainable, however we are trying to power spike our way out of market hell.

This doesn't work because market participants have already lost trillions in this bear market and investors are paralyzed from making decisions after getting killed. Who trusts these markets anymore? Not your average retail investor. How about institutions? They should be the first ones buying alongside the short-covering.

Tomorrow's volume will confirm whether I'll be going short in a few days because a rally cannot be sustained on such weakness. Yes, it was a great move up, but volume must confirm price action. As for a dead cat bounce, this is like a cat that died 9x and got a free ticket to kitty heaven...except it'll be round trip.")

Look where it took us after his post! So be quiet and move on if you don't like this blog because you are the one who is missing out not us! Get out of here.

P.S: The whole point of his analysis is to be right more than wrong. And apparently he is right 90% of the time. If you expect him to call it right 100%. You might as well put your money in CDs and sign a few paper then you sure will get your 1% return for the year. Good luck and fuck off! (Sorry, I thought about not adding the fuck off, but I was afraid that he might no understand my intention of this post.)

John C. Lee said...

We have some emotional activity here. All comments are welcome minus the racial, idiotic one. You might call it "flip flopping", but it's more of adapting to the volatile market. They are daily analyses, therefore, they are fluid and ever changing each day. We all know that anything can happen in this market, a single event can make or break this market, therefore, I write while keeping that in mind. It's cautious thinking in an uncertain market.

The purpose of my analysis is not to predict the future with a crystal ball. The "lines" are drawn so that traders know IN ADVANCE where sup & res are located for possible bounces and drops for the NEXT DAY. You should've asked me what the purpose of my daily analyses were for before you wrote your comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi, till when is ti possible to sign up for newsletter?
Thank you!

John C. Lee said...

end of today.

John C. Lee said...

z -

fibs dont really work as well right now, just like a lot of other things. We saw the great crash just slice through all the retracement levels, and I do mean ALL. Just be cautious.