Saturday, October 18, 2008


I went to Panama in April of this year for vacation. I really wanted to see what the country was like, so this is where the market gods took me. It was an exciting adventure on one of my many trips all over the world:
Yup. That's approximately 98 plane tickets and 38 hotel room keys in a 12-month period. $DAL, $CAL, $UAUA, $AMR, $NWA, $LCC, $LUV, and especially $AAI must love me! Even $ALK got some business.

We (myself and friends) started off in the countryside/small towns and then we ended at Panama City so we could catch a flight to Houston. It was my idea to see the rural areas because I wanted to see how they live, and so this is what I found:
I did not eat here!
This house costs approximately $10,000 and has 2 small bedrooms:Next up was the Panama Canal. You can't go to Panama without visiting the Canal:
It was boring. Nothing happened. No ships went by. So, we drove toward Panama City which was only a few miles away and I saw where most people lived:
I can't imagine living here. Be grateful for where you are living.

A view of Panama City:
There was a stark difference between the countrysiders and city folk and it was money. Notice the countless number of cranes developing new skyscrapers. If someone shows me this and I didn't know it was mine, I'd say it was Miami!Trying to get to the damn airport!
The End.

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Trading Goddess said...

Thanks for sharing your trip! You saved me some money. hahahahah


Anonymous said...

Hi sir we should count our blessings here. China GDP out monday (could influence market) buy AAPL before earnings report for a trade ? god bless us all

John C. Lee said...


I could take you around the world in only one day, and it'll still be free!

You didn't miss much in Panama. It wasn't exactly a "fun" trip like one of my Vegas trips in which the photos will never be posted on here. hehe

John C. Lee said...


Please get an identity. We'll have to see what happens intra-day for AAPL.

Anonymous said...

Ecxellents the photos and very informatives, because what I knowing was only the skyscrapers zone.
What you think about live in Panama?
I am Argentinian and looking for one good country to live what speaking Spanish.
Thank you.

John C. Lee said...

i personally wouldn't live here. The living conditions are still questionable, even in the Big City.

I don't like their stock exchange! Did you know that on a "busy" day, only $1.1 million USD is traded? That's the total daily average volume and it sucks.

Have you considered Miami, FL, Los Angeles, CA or any of the Rio Grande Valley cities in TX?

Anonymous said...

Thank You for your answer!
I am considering San Diego off course, but I hope is very difficult to get the citizenship in United States of America.
I haven't interest in the Panama Stock Exchange, but yes in the possibility to live of my trade with advantages of taxation, may be in this area is good Panama.

John C. Lee said...

oh yea, its tough. I have friends on green cards that had to leave the US. apply early

Maybe good for taxes, I don't know that, but there's little liquidity. You have to trade up here, you'll love it