Wednesday, October 15, 2008


That's right. This blog is exactly (only!!) 2 months old and it's going strong. I'm continually adding more resources in the blog's link library. This area should be the only resource to find anything and everything a trader needs. I'll also be adding links to all 25 Wall Street Survivor articles as I publish them each week. That will be your complete guide to technical trading 101. You will also find additional links for the sites I contribute to on the left for Greenfaucet, DailyMarkets, and Seeking Alpha, among others to the lower left.

Yes, there are exciting things going on with much to offer each of you. You'll notice that I usually provide daily posts on Today's Market Action, Daily Breakouts & Breakdowns, Educational Articles, Videos/Audios, Many, Many Charts, and much, much more and I post multiple times a day. In the future, I will be compiling a massive educational resource area that should pretty much cover everything in the universe of trading.

My goal is to educate and to inspire you so keep on reading and visit often! Thanks!

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PW said...

You and I are both new bloggers but your kicking butt!! Keep up the good work and just know that your giving me inspiration to get my butt in gear :)

I like what you have here.

Rafitax said...


from Spain.


Anonymous said...

John, we are doing so. Your blog is my everyday reading. Thank you for it!


tradermarketinfo said...


tradermarketinfo said...

LOL Happy Birthday, I'm going to be celebrating your birthday everyone day! Love this blog.

Blogger said...

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