Saturday, October 18, 2008


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Hi, if you like my blog, please vote for it for "Best Business Blog". If I helped you make money this week (there's a few of you), then you BETTER vote! Click the Blogger's Choice Awards button to the left.

Master Reading List - Recommended Books:

I also added a "Master Reading List" as the first section in my "link library". The number of books may overwhelm you (133 so far) and I am not finished added them in. I have 3 bookcases stuffed with books, all of which I will recommend. Books are/will be divided into categories and sub-categories. It's your responsibility to find books that may suit you by previewing the book's contents. This list will be updated as I get more time.

Managing Money:

Some of you have inquired if I am able to manage your money for you. No, but we'll keep in touch.

Newsletter Full of Stock Picks:

I may be creating a premium newsletter that will be completely separate from my regular weekly commentary. This will be a membership-based service where every Sunday night, I will manually comb through over 2,000 stock charts and find the best long and short trades for the week. My aim is to provide both quality and quantity.
Obviously, due to time and profitability, this will be fee-based. What are your thoughts, readers?

Daily Private Coaching Program

I would have never considered doing this because of time, but I think it may be beneficial for a few of you. I am considering accepting a max. of 10 individual traders who will have live, daily access to me via instant messenger. Members will know when I enter and exit the general market, some of my own specific trades, my opinions throughout the day, and identifying chart patterns as they appear. I will also answer questions on member's own trades and give my own recommendations in real-time. All trades will be based 100% on TA, no fundamentals needed!

This program will cost quite a bit because of my time commitment, and will only be suitable for individuals with accounts of more than $25K. Just to make a point: I made 71% for the week of Oct 13th-17th and 112% for the month of October so far. If you can match that then you don't need this. There is no guarantee, but I'm sure this will be beneficial to most.
What are your thoughts, readers?

Why am I doing all of this? Well, obviously generating revenue from the blog (which takes me 2-3 hours per day), but equally, to help traders make money in a time where most people can't make a dime! Confidence in yourself is key to success and I know that if I'm holding your hand, you'll achieve your trading goals. I've already made several traders thousands of dollars this past week, but realized that it shouldn't be taken for granted, or free for that matter. Time is my most valuable commodity, so don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.

Both the newsletter and the private coaching program will most likely be launched on November 3rd. I am still working on the details, but your feedback and interest level is much appreciated. Leave a comment or e-mail me: Thanks!


tradermarketinfo said...

I need no detail! Just tell me how much ! I am in 200%!


tradermarketinfo said...

I am fxxking into this blog just to let u know I am typing this message while watch celine dion in wa Tacoma

John C. Lee said...

lol!'re one of the traders that made money with me last week. Love the support, thanks!

tradermarketinfo said...

ya you keep up the good work, man the concert was great, Celine dion is HOOOT!! yes she is HOT!!!
Anyways, Let me know when you are starting I'm in!!! Gonna go sleep now!

NL said...

John ... your trading rocks ! You definitely helped me too. Will vote for your blog, BEST OF BREED imho. Your charts rock and "speaks volume" to me, esp after your explanations !

Anonymous said...


New to your sight and I will say I'm glad to have found it. I am not rich, I have made some money (and lost some) but I want to make more. I want to gain from your experience. Where can I sign up for a membership to start?