Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'll be in NY all weekend at the Belmont Stakes (I do not gamble, btw) and in Manhattan all of Sunday. I will be back late that evening.

We can have another Q & A session, so leave your questions below. I will also analyze stocks if you list tickers and I will make everything available before Monday pre-market.


alek said...

I found your blog very interesting.I read your comentarys in past few mounths and I learn a lot about technical analysis(Im far from that that Im now tech analyst :)), butbefore I was doing only fund analysis and I was waiting for a long time. I bougt yesterday MIR and ACI, I thougt that coal sector will be promising if oil continue to rise and they seemd to have nice balance sheets...If you have time I will apriciate to look at tham and eventualy if you make technical analysis I will be very grateful.
Thank you and have a nice weekend!

Average Joe said...

Could you please explain the inverse correlation of U.S Dollar and Oil prices? And thoughts where both are potentially moving into July?

Stock I would like to ask about is DIG. Looks like an ascending triangle on the weekly chart, starting in May.

Average Joe said...

...Starting in March.

Cliffynator said...

John, hope you had a great time in NY. Here's one I got from Stewie: OSCI. It's less than a dollar, so it could be a bit strong for the DollarStock-pipe.

It just popped through resistance and ready to test again around 0.38. I've got next target at 0.55.

BTW, you realize how ironic that sounds to say you're addicted to dollar stocks (right now) but you "don't gamble"? Heh, it's not gambling if you know what you're doing... and, of course, you can quit anytime.

Cliffynator said...

One more question, what does BTFO mean?

I'm pretty sure I know the "TF" part (as in, STFU), but what's "BO?" Back Off? Break Out? Bend Over...

Market Aficionado said...

Please look at MPEL. Also, if you can briefly peek into OCNF, TGB, and FNSR (holding). Thanks!!!

Scalpwiz said...

Cliffynator - "What does BTFO mean?"

I'm quite certain it means "Break the Fuck Out"

cheers mates and happy trading :]

Scalpwiz said...

Oh not sure if I shud advise gambling, but John C. maybe you should try poker some time, just like $100 which im sure is not a lot of money to you. It's good fun, I've always pictured myself playing at a no limit table with a couple hundred thousand in front of me and a cigar in my mouth pushing all my chips to the center and laughing :D (and obviously having millions so i wouldn't care if I lost it)

The Conqueror said...

I think
Dean Food (DF) is forming a complex HS. Full STO gives a sell signal on Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD).

Newmonts' weekly candles are forming a potential dark cloud cover, need a following through.

what's your comment?

Carl said...

Check out NGAS.. Looks like it might want to break out this week. Thoughts?

JoAnn Kay said...

I see CTIC has formed an ascending triple top breakout!!

Do you have a plan to hold CTIC for some time or will you see how this market unfolds.

Thank you John

John C. Lee said...

Alek - MIR and ACI are in consolidation ranges.

Avg Joe - I'm not a fundamentalist. As for DIG, it was a descending triangle before it broke out before June. The triangle during March is a sym triangle.

Cliff - OSCI should/needs to find support at the 200-day MA. BTFO = "Break the F Out".

Mkt Aficionado - MPEL is still in consolidation between $5 and $6.50, look for a break for entry since the pattern is not as reliable.

Scalp - I did bet on 8 of the horse races at Belmont and I won 5 of them! It was awesome cause I bet on all the horses with massive odds, like all above $10:1. Felt like dollar stock trading.

Conqueror - DF is forming a Complex H&S or a rounded top, both very similar. BWLD looks like it will be contained between the 50- and 200-day MA's. I wouldn't go long on either of them.

NGAS is consolidating. Ill wait for a breakout for entry since the pattern on the daily is not as reliable.

John C. Lee said...

I have to see how CTIC unfolds.