Thursday, June 4, 2009


The Necron Race, Warriors of the C'tan gods

First, I got you all addicted to $1 stocks. You guys are HOOKED. Denial won't get you anywhere and there is no rehab program, sorry. As you may know, I told myself that I would buy higher priced stocks. Well, that isn't happening. I'm the dollar stock dealer, Escobar-style, for goodness sakes. I can't quit this game just yet.

I banked major coin yesterday, nearly +6%, thanks mostly to my day trades. Just so you know, I am not a primary day trader, however, if I see a stock BTFO intra-day, well then, why should I just sit here and fiddle with my thumbs? I won't. These moves happen really fast, so you better get on the train before it blows exhaust fumes onto your face.

I could care less about the economy or stock fundamentals. This blog is a place to make money by acting upon great stock picks that move double-digits. This is how I've been jacking treasure chests from pirates for over 8 straight weeks. As individuals, you sometimes have to trade unconventionally, automatically putting underperformers to shame, something that the institutions, managing and losing your 401k money, would ever understand.

The market is still range bound, so there is nothing new to add. A breakout above 948 or a breakdown below 923 is technically significant to me. Everything in between is marked as consolidation.

Anyway, here are a few setups. I looked at 400 stocks priced between $10-20 with 500k volume. Make note that these stocks are for people who don't play dollar stocks or for people who want something more stable in their lives. Make note that most of my setup charts broke out (since I've started doing this 2 days ago). Here are more setups to add to the list:

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