Thursday, June 4, 2009


Dhar'leth, Daemon Prince of the Black Legion, Champion of the Antecanis Massacre

Make note that we are in a neutral range between 925-950. I already took the liberty to draw my boxes on the SPX charts below:

Expect a dull day. Go run some errands or something.

I am currently at a 62% cash level. CTIC remains as my largest holding and the others are: OCNF, PLLL, BZ, ACAD. I will be using my cash in the near future.

More SETUPS below (p.s. don't forget about the ones yesterday, some stocks need more time to make a move than the others). My parameters were stocks $3-10 with 500K+ volume:


Cliffynator said...

Love the picture for today...stands out.

I noticed you slightly changed your search parms. A week or two ago, it was something like $1-$3 and volume of 150k. Are you getting high-brow on us, now?

John C. Lee said...

Are you kidding me? I'm the one that got everyone addicted to dollar stocks in the first place. I'm too deep to quit now. I can't stop playing them.

Those setups are only for those who don't play dollar stocks and are more risk averse.