Sunday, November 23, 2008


Just added:

6. Understanding Market Cycles: The Art of Market Timing

7. Candlestick Charting I: Basic Patterns

There will be between 25-30 articles total (I haven't decided yet). Enjoy your free education.

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Anonymous said...

If the market moves 6 months ahead of the economy, is there something specific to look for in the data as a tell that worked in the last bear market?

Also, what about a seasonal rally?

John C. Lee said...

Who said the mkt moves 6 mo's ahead of the economy? It's never exact. However, the market is forward looking always in anticipation. The problem is, no one has ever been in this type of crisis before.

You can read about seasonal rallies in the Traders Almanac. I don't really care too much of them because honestly...the mkt can and will do whatever the hell it wants right now.

Anonymous said...

Good points. Guess I'll stick to candlesticks...nice article...