Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We are bouncing off the 50-day MA right now at 44.45. Initial target has been met. Expect a bounce in the VIX to last for at least 1 day. We did not hit the 50-day MA in a very long time, so it's appropriate for the VIX to test it. There is also strong support evident from the late September breakout from consolidation. At this point, we've broken the uptrend and we may consolidate at the 50-day MA for 1,2,3+ days and a breakdown at the 50-day MA will bring the VIX to the 20s.

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Anonymous said...

hi WSS here, after hours bought AGU at 40.42 (risk trade) will report earnings before market opens. Do i make or lose money tomorrow ? thanks alot

John C. Lee said...

Wrong question and get an ID. You can read my earnings ppt available in the links section for free download.

tradermarketinfo said...

LOL HAHAHA MAN people ask all kinds of question do they? Let me check my chart on 11/06/08 YES this is going up Huge!! wait it's only 11/05/08.