Wednesday, November 5, 2008



My premium newsletter subscribers avoided the bloodbath. I sent an e-mail YESTERDAY at 11:37AM to sell out of 75% OR MORE of their holdings.
Another e-mail sent TODAY at 9:47AM to sell out of EVERYTHING.
So, if any stupid retard idiots made a nonsense comment about my "market timing" abilities, well, there's your answer. Oh, by the way, I'm up 8.3% for this month after being up 61.4% in Oct. and 27.6% in Sept., so you can suck it big time and stfu.

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MAX2205 said...

easy dude...keep it up

Anonymous said...

hey could not sign up for free newsletter with firefox or IE, form appeared blank, finally used chrome and it worked.

John C. Lee said...

Sometimes, you just gotta be forceful to make a point. I don't backdown from false comments.

How is Crome, never tried it. Thanks for letting me know. I shall look into your wisdom.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to defend yourself. Your work is excellent and so is your blog.