Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I wrote a post yesterday on stocks that I was going to trade for 1-3 day holds. Here's the link:

Out of the 11 picks, you would have profited off of 10 of them today, the next day. The only "loser" was RJET (for a long) and it's only down -2.5% but is still consolidating normally and it's still a hold for a breakout play. Reader's would have made between 7-10% in their portfolio today alone depending on where they entered.

Executed Short:

TSFG +10.36%

MXIM +6.48%
RDN +10.99%
SBLK +6.74%
SRZ +4.00%
CIT +15.14%
ERIC +7.25%
FTBK +12.16%
MBI +16.50%
MGM +13.67%

*Results may vary, but you would have still made a killing with me, instead of losing $X today.

I will no longer publish my watch lists because this was sort of a "sample" of what prospective members will get in their premium newsletter which I will be launching in November. So far, there is tremendous interest in the newsletter which makes it actually worth my time. My goal is to make you money, immediately. Not a week later, not a month later. Immediately.

A post with more details on the premium newsletter and the private coaching program are at the bottom of the page. Or you can just visit the post link here:

1 comment:

Yamashita said...

thank you for sharing your watch list last night. I shorted MXIM and RDN today and made 6%return.
I can not wait for your newsletter if it is going to list those no-brainer type stocks.

Again, thank you for your hard work. I'm learning a lot from your watch lists.
Now I can go to bed earlier!