Monday, October 20, 2008


We formed an ascending triangle today. What was frustrating about today were the numerous "fakeout" breakouts starting at 2:00PM. However, by 3:ooPM, the triangle had no where else to go but up. I'm sure every technical trader was patiently waiting for THE breakout.

In the 3-day Chart (SPX) below, notice how the first half of the day was part of a descending triangle and the second half of the day was the end of an ascending triangle. This is why I look at different time frames because a pattern on one timeframe may actually be part of something bigger on a larger time frame.

In the 10-day Chart (SPX) below, we can see that we're still in the symmetrical triangle. The only difference is that we're riding along upper resistance.
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Anonymous said...

Hi John,
Do you think this market (SPX) and DJX will break out or break down from here? Both form the same symmetrical triangle as in your chart. Is that 50/50?

John C. Lee said...

it's still too early to tell, but right now, it favors more on the breakout (to the upside)...greater than 50%.

Tradermarketinfo said...

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****** (12:14:05 PM): This is it
****** (12:22:40 PM): Here's the critical point
Tradermarket247 (12:22:48 PM): what?
****** (12:22:49 PM): This is where it end or begins
****** (12:23:02 PM): The triangle is at its last point here
Tradermarket247 (12:23:27 PM): k
****** (12:35:36 PM): we're good now
****** (12:35:48 PM): patience is key
Tradermarket247 (12:36:29 PM): k
Tradermarket247 (12:36:33 PM): cant' heard that more
****** (12:36:51 PM): now
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