Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I tested out the Free Trend Analysis for myself and typed in "SPY" for the S&P SPDRs and this is what they sent me in an e-mail:

That's it! No junk, no spam. I just filled out my name, e-mail, and the ticker I wanted. No address, no credit card, no sign up for anything. It was a no-strings attached experience. I recommend the Free Trend Analysis for anyone that wants a second opinion on a particular stock or ETF they're thinking of trading.

If you want that second opinion, just visit Free Trend Analysis and enter only your name, e-mail, and ticker. Nothing else. Would I be recommending this if it was total junk and useless? No, I just tried it out myself.

Oh yea, don't forget to e-mail me afterwards at I have 5 FREE bonuses (all in PDF) that I will send to you as a way of saying "Thanks!".

*Bonus #1* - 25 Rules of Trading (6 pages)
*Bonus #2* - 18 Champions Share Their Keys to Top Trading Profit (20 pages)
*Bonus #3* - 3 Swing Trading Examples with Charts and Instructions (16 pages)
*Bonus #4* - 10 Ways to Stay Focused: Trading In Mind (17 pages)
*Bonus #5* - Guide to Effective Day Trading (32 pages)


djplastik said...

Hi John. I really love your blog. You definitely know what you're doing. It's really cool how you share all this knowledge with others. I want to get your opinion on gold if you don't mind. Obviously it had a huge run up recently, but I see two trains of thoughts among traders. Some think $HUI should pull back from here possibly retesting bottom trendline before the next push higher, while others see it consolidating right at the 50ema before a launch higher. I tend to agree with the latter, though a tad risky. I think the bulls have control there for one more move higher. Seems like a bull flag forming. What do u think? I also like SRS. It should run huge after a short pullback in the next few days...check it out. Got in at the low $70's.

John C. Lee said...

comments like this keep me going. I'll have an analysis posted as a Reader's Request feature.

thomas said...

Re: opening lines of your 'blog' .. "why should we rush ..(bailout).

When Dollar and US in general causes bank runs in China and the rest of Asia .... that is a stick in a tender spot to get all but the dead to start moving with great vigor. When the largest owner of T bills starts talking about dumping them and going to Euro's it is (IMHO) time to get moving smartly.

I hear more and more congress. reps talking like this bailout can wait for months or years "because the world will wait for us." Senator from oregon. Duh, I be well informed.

Got a take on this?

cheers, tom

John C. Lee said...

I dare China to dump all their T-bills. They won't dump all of them. If that happens, the T-bill market will collapse. Since this is a global market, the effect will come right back to bite China. If the U.S. suffers, it's not good for any country. We are all dependent on each other.