Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today's action depends entirely on the FOMC's announcement. The market will spike up or down intra-day and you will have only minutes, if not seconds, to act. It is imperative that you have your watch lists (long and short) prepared and ready to go.

I am still leaning towards the bearish side, despite the fact that I remain in 100% cash. I took a poll a few hours ago asking traders how the market will act today, and here are the results:

As a group, this only means one thing: indecision. It will be obvious which side will win. Personally, the best option is to remain in cash until a clear direction is determined.

The SPX finds primary intra-day 10-pt support between 880-890 and 10-pt resistance between 920-930. There is also overhead resistance at 910.

Once again, I drew blank boxes for the remainder of June and all of July. Use your own imagination. I also included a weekly 7-year chart to put things in perspective:

Here are the COMP and RUT, both in precarious positions and threatening to further develop the head & shoulders pattern:

Finally, I look to the European indices (DAX, CAC, FTSE) for guidance due to the fact that they have broken down further than the US indices. Currently, Asia in the best shape.

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