Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yes, folks. The circus is back, and amazingly, I see a lot of great setups. I will remove all of my iETFs in the morning, with the exception of one of them, regardless of what the market does, and I will raid these dollar stocks once again. Not surprisingly, I took a -2% hit today. I will bank at least +5% today, regardless of what happens in the general market. Mark my words.

In the military, there are a variety of terrestrial recon scouts that gather intelligence, observe enemy positions, conduct patrols, etc. Today, SGTs FAZ and TZA, along with PVTs SRS and QID, got captured deep behind communist enemy lines and well outside of my Area of Influence. I lost radio contact with them, and they are presumed to be dead.

Back in the day, long time ago, Jesse Livermore used to send out "feelers", or small positions, to "test" out the market. If they got killed, then he know something was wrong. Well, FAZ, TZA, SRS, and QID got the bitch slapped out of them. I consider them dead weight in my portfolio and acceptable casualties. I will sacrifice the -2% (and the -5% I took last Thursday) as acceptable losses in this war. Make no mistake, we are fighting a battle every single day in the markets. You are the commander of your own army.

In more delighting news, get ready to make some fucking money with the circus coming back to town. I have a list of picks, but I do not know which ones will breakout until they set up intraday.

You can refer to my Exception blog on GreenFaucet for real-time trades: http://www.greenfaucet.com/blogs/the-exception.

Anyway, pay close attention. This circus is not over yet. I will post imminent breakout picks. Most will be day trades. If they keep up momentum throughout the day, consider them to be swing trades.

I will attack one last time.

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