Thursday, November 13, 2008


Most of my students are up double-digits today, as am I (now up +42% for November). I have no clue about my newsletter subscribers but they should be up as well. I issued a "Buy" order at 1:52PM (no shorts) for the industrial/materials sector stocks to be held into the close.

'nuff said.
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Brian said...

are you picking actual stocks for the students or just sectors?

John C. Lee said...

they trade with me live/real-time every day via IM and they are actual stocks.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
How do I join your group? I am just found your side. Thx

VKC said...

What does "held into the close" mean?" Did you sell at the close or are you still holding?
Thanks for your all of your help!

Brian said...

same question as vkc

John C. Lee said...

held into close does not mean sell into close.