Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Could have been worse, right? My subscribers were in cash today since covering their shorts yesterday. Yea sure, we could have shorted, but we're too damn close to the Oct lows. All I have to say is don't get lazy at this point, cause reversals could be sudden, forceful, and sweep your account away. Just be vigilant and don't get complacent, that's all.

Here's W. Fisher from Philadelphia, one of my coaching students. He is a brand new trader kicking some ass:

"I started Reading the blog post after reading the Technical Analysis 101 lesson sent with the wallstreet survivor subscription. After reading the blog for a few days and applying some of the lessons to my own trading strategy I realized the benefit of Technical Analysis. That same week John offered the one on one coaching program and i jumped all over. Its not even been a full two weeks into the program and I am already up 12 percent from when I started. So in a little over a week I have made more than the money I paid for the program and what im learning is priceless. JC and TA..hell of a combination!!!!"
-W. Fisher, Philadelphia, PA

Damn right. Technical analysis works.

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