Monday, September 15, 2008


I have sponsors on my site now. Most of the items are available for free, no strings attached (INO TV, Trend Analysis, and Trader's Blog at the bottom). FYI - Market Club is NOT free, but the service is invaluable.

My personal favorite is the INO Trend Analysis. I am a trend follower and always have been. So far, I am up over 20% in my personal portfolio following trends in September alone. I scored 23% in July following the trend by shorting materials, industrials, and energy. Here's proof from one of my personal accounts:

10 trades closed out in two weeks. That's more short-term trend following, but still the same thing! I'm adding trades on WSS (portfolio tracker on the left) so you can track my real-time performance (I found the site on 9-1). I like the site so much that I will be providing exclusively-licensed articles for WSS's Survivor University.

I personally review all potential sponsors prior to letting them advertise on my site. I go as far as to test each product, and if it's on here, then I don't have a problem with the reputation of the sponsor. This is designed to protect readers as well as myself. Keep in mind that I don't accept any BS and don't take BS for an answer and advertisers promoting fraudulent products or services will NEVER be on this site. You have my word.


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