Friday, February 26, 2010

EPIC TRADE OF 2010 (so far) = NUVA

Order: 13:25:57 (2 sec fill)

Entry 13:25:59 $31.2699

Scale Outs:

1/2: $36.92

1/4: $41.89

1/4: $41.18

Suffice to say, I am done for the day. This is a news driven power spike that I was fortunate to catch. I don't regret getting "only" 1,000 shares because I stick to my rules on position sizing specifically for intra-day spikes.

1st Target: $31.68 (high of day prior to spike)

2nd Target: $33.63 (100-day MA, kept spiking higher)

3rd Target: $37.08 (200-day MA, I always cut here)

4th Target: $40.54 (November highs - sell everything at this point)


Charts are for "Idiots"? Think again.


Bobb999 said...

Congrats John on a great "catch" with NUVA.The NUVA story today's a reminder of the advantage of having breaking stock news page open,something I've neglected to do. Maybe Yahoo Finance's news page would work, as it covered the NUVA news early (I noticed later).
Too bad I was late catching John's NUVA tweets, & missed the monster pop. But luckily a belated entry opp. appeared when NUVA pulled back & tested near to the 200 Day MA,then started to bounce - good for a long entry that rewarded with a small piece of the action, if not the whole enchilada!
Best to keep an eye on breaking news, huh? As John proved today, hot news can make you rich quickly!

John C. Lee said...

thank you bob