Friday, January 8, 2010


My trades from yesterday and all of this week so far has put my YTD gains at over 10%. Yesterday was the best day of the year so far, despite my absence. I am trading, but I am sitting in a small advanced sociology winter class at the same time between 9am-12pm. To make up for the lack of real-time trades, I decided to continually post screenshots of all of my trades. I'd like to see more people do that since there's so much bullshit flying around on the internets.

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GENZ was a cool momentum pattern. It is an example of being patient for a stock that has spiked intra-day AND sustained/based itself. We wait for the secondary breakout, which I did. I first caught GENZ at $50.88-90 and my final exit trades were at $52.30-31.

Who would have known that CYCC was going to be up +152% for the day? I didn't, but I kept playing it multiple times and as far as I could. Since there's really no way to predict a 100% gainer, you just have to roll with it and focus on each setup as they come. Never ditch a stock on your watchlist because it's "up too much". I first caught CYCC at $1.5199 with my last trades ending at $1.91-92 before leaving to run some errands.

VVUS was a pre-market volume mover and opening breakout play. The execution was near perfect and I made two solid profitable trades in it ending around 11AM with both adding around 1-1.5% each.

Lesson: Don't ignore the secondary breakouts.


timo4sho said...

great trades!

how did you scan for these stocks?

where did you place your initial stop loss?

todd said...

I'd like to ask how you approach these orders. Your order sheet shows (on CYCC) you buying 5000-share lots and selling them almost immediately for $0.02-$0.05 gains. Is this just a way you scalp, or am I missing something?