Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Lucius the Eternal -- the Champion of Slaanesh, Scion of Chemos


I am in 100% cash. It is my standard procedure during times of extreme uncertainty. It allows me to assess the current situation and make new allocations accordingly. At this point, I will ease off of swing holdings and move towards day trading until I find a suitable setup in the general market, long or short. The market may have formed the left shoulder and head of a "head and shoulders" pattern. I can't say for certain, but it is a possibility.

I am up almost +180% YTD, and up a good +27.5% MTD, so this is a necessary precaution. I had a larger number of losers this month so far, but they were small compared to the 20-50% gains I achieved from various names nearly every single day. I've seen some large gains disappear, but I've also seen large gains become much larger. I take those risks based on my judgment and also due to the fact that I can afford to take losses. I was up +1.8% today.

I analyzed and posted charts of the various sub-industries that make up the nine main sectors in the market. I will be looking at these charts everyday for the next several days. I listed the tickers (for and their representations below:

$XAL -AMEX Airline Index
$BKX - Philly Bank Index
$BTK - AMEX Biotech Index
$DJUSCH - Dow Jones Chemicals Index
$CRX - MS Commodity Equity Index
$XCI - AMEX Computer Tech Index
$DDX - AMEX Disk Drive Index
$XAU - Philly Gold & Silver Index
$HWI - AMEX Computer Hardware Index
$HCX - S&P Healthcare Index
$RXP - MS Health Care Products Index
$RXH - MS Heath Care Provider Index
$INSR - NASDAQ Insurance Index
$IIX - Interactive Week Internet Index
$XNG - AMEX Natural Gas Index
$NWX - AMEX Networking Index
$XOI - AMEX Oil Index
$OSX - PHilly Oil Services Index
$DJUSPP - Dow Jones Paper Index
$DRG - AMEX Pharmaceutical Index
$DRJ - Dow Jones REIT Index
$RLX - S&P Retail Index
$XBD - AMEX Broker/Dealer Index
$SOX - Philly Semiconductor Index
$XTC - AMEX N. American Telecom Index
$TRANQ - NASDAQ Transportation Index
$UTY - Philly Utility Index

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