Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I had quite the night last night, having returned home at approximately 4AM, so sorry for the delay. The market is up +100pts, yet my bank shorts are doing mighty fine. I will cover enough to just keep a 10% short position/90% cash position.

As for the market, nothing has changed. We are still in the neutral range, but I will be cautious here. I do not know if we head higher or lower. The chart says that we cascade down further, but we are extremely oversold and are overdue for a bounce. Keep a large cash position with you.


Cliffynator said...

John, love the site and how you communicate your ideas. I just started reading the Trading 101 series you have on WallStreetSurvior, and I really appreciate the Candle and MA info!
But you've got a TON of links over to the left side, and I saw your book list is over 500 titles. How do you find time to research and trade?

John C. Lee said...

Sorry, I had to turn on the comment moderation temporarily. That idiot's comments were too dumb. Quite funny while it lasted though. I won't hesitate to turn it back on should his dumbass decide to resurface.

I recommend a minimum of 1 hour per day to read up on technical stuff and look at as many charts as possible. Start by exploring what each link has to offer.