Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am getting bounce backs because some of your e-mail accounts are over quota. Try to make some room in the e-mail account or even create a new temporary e-mail address. I have another 100MB+ worth of additional files that I will send, but I can't do that if I'm getting the 'over-the-limit' errors. These are your Christmas presents.

I have sent 21 batches so far. I'll continue on Sunday. If you created a new e-mail account just to collect the files, let me know by then. If I get an error from someone, I'll have to stop sending them again. If you don't want thousands of dollars worth of stuff for free, then something is seriously wrong with you. Let me know and I'll remove you from my "nice" list and put you on the "naughty" one.


Anonymous said...

I read your guide to bear markets and I would like to know if you have done analysis on the leverage involved in this decline. Have you looked at previous bear markets and deleveraging? It seems if you know how much funds have to delever it might be possible to make an educated guess about market level targets. What do you think? I know the 1929 crash involved leverage, but not whether other bear markets did.

kim said...

Santa please don't spank me for being naughty lol!!! said...

I finally found the email box for your weekly newsletter---I filled it in, so I'm hoping to get Weekly TA. It's a play on words, pretty bad, huh?
So John I'm looking at this VIX RSI 36 reading. Hardly any stocks I follow ever hardly start going up when they are at RSI36. Plus this, the VIX 200 day is around 35--VIX reading is starting to make me think.
I think maybe the market will stay sideways another two to three weeks.

John C. Lee said...

I'll start sending the weekly commentaries when the market shows a hint of direction. The VIX is at the 100-day and just hanging out right below it.